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EXIM Office of Inspector General

  • Promotes economy, efficiency and effectiveness in Ex-Im Bank programs and supporting operations;
  • Conducts and supervises audits, investigations, inspections and reviews relating to Ex-Im Bank's export credit insurance, guaranty and loan programs and supporting operations;
  • Detects and prevents fraud, waste and abuse;
  • Reviews existing and proposed legislation and regulations and makes appropriate recommendations; and
  • Keeps the Chairman and Congress informed of serious problems and recommends corrective actions and implementation measures.

The OIG also carries out other significant statutory responsibilities and Government-wide mandates in areas such as management, financial reporting, information security and privacy. The Ex-Im Bank Inspector General is a member of the Council of the Inspectors General on Integrity and Efficiency (CIGIE).

Inspector General (IG) Act Overview

In brief, the IG Act of 1978 grants the OIG administrative authority to:

  • Receive full access to all records and materials available to Ex-Im Bank;
  • Determine which audits, investigations, inspections and reviews are necessary and issue appropriate reports;
  • Issue subpoenas for non-Federal records and take oaths;
  • Receive complaints and reports of fraud, waste and abuse from employees and the public, protect confidentiality of sources and, when necessary, refer matters to the United States Attorney General;
  • Hire employees, experts and consultants and procure necessary equipment and services;
  • Obtain assistance from other agencies, including Federal, State and local governments;
  • Communicate directly with Congress;
  • Deliver semiannual reports to Congress reporting on the activities of the OIG, including the response of management to recommendations made by the OIG and
  • Enter into contracts.

Other Authority

The Government Corporations Control Act of 1990 provides that the financial statements of Ex-Im Bank, as a government corporation, shall be audited by the Inspector General or by an independent external auditor, as determined by the Inspector General.


The Inspector General is appointed by the President, with the advice and consent of the Senate, without regard to political affiliation and solely on the basis of integrity and demonstrated ability. The Inspector General may only be removed by the President, who is required to provide notice to Congress. The Inspector General is under the general supervision of the Chairman, but that authority applies only to general matters of administration and does not include authority for the Chairman or any other officer, director or employee of Ex-Im Bank to supervise or interfere in any audit, investigation or oversight matter undertaken by the OIG. The OIG budget is submitted by the OIG independently from that of Ex-Im Bank and is subject to separate appropriation by Congress.

The complexity of the management and policy issues facing Ex-Im Bank will sometimes result in disagreement between the OIG and management regarding the extent of a problem and the nature of recommended corrective actions. In these instances, the OIG will seek to maintain a productive and professional relationship with Ex-Im Bank's management and to continue to work effectively to address the challenges facing Ex-Im Bank.

OIG System of Record Notice (SORN)

The information in the system of records will be used by the Ex-Im Bank OIG to conduct criminal, civil, and administrative investigations, and will contain identifying information about potential subjects, sources, and other individuals related to these investigations.

OIG Investigative Processes System of Records Notice

Privacy Impact Statement: Ex-Im Bank Office of Inspector General Information System (IGIS):

Privacy Impact Statement for the OIG Investigative Process